Employees at Zambian Breweries have brought the spirit of ubuntu to 25 families living in makeshift plastic sheds at Buseko Market in Lusaka.

The super-thunderous team, led by Director of Logistics and Planning, Lezanne van Zyl, donated beddings, clothes, and food to the families at the famous timber market over the weekend.

Their gesture is aimed at keeping beneficiaries warm as they conduct business in the cold season in line with Zambian Breweries’ mission of making a better world for all.

“A couple of mornings ago, probably the most coldest in Zambia, I took a different route to work and I passed by the street in Buseko Market, and what I saw gave me a feeling of total hopelessness, but at the same time, hope,” Ms Van Zyl said.

“When I passed by this market and what I saw at 6 o’clock in the morning was people eager to get up and get to work; and eager to do their thing and take care of their kids with the very little they have,” she narrated how Buseko Market was identified.

The ZB director of logistics and planning also called on well-wishers in Zambia to emulate the super-thunderous team and lend a helping hand to those in need.

“My appeal to every expert in this country; to everyone that can afford to give; when you see someone suffering, please give,” she emphasised.

And Matero Ward 28 Councillor Annie Chinyanta appreciated ZB employees for showing love and kindness to the 25 families at Buseko Market.

“These families are vulnerable, and today I’m very grateful that we have one of our well-wishes who has come to the aid of these vulnerable families,” she said.

Ms Chinyanta hoped more well-wishers would join ZB in putting ubuntu in action and touching lives.
“I pray and hope that this will not be the end of the help that has been rendered today. We are really looking forward to more of this help that is coming from our stakeholders and well-wishers as well,” she noted.

The donated items were personal gifts from ZB employees together with Ms Vanzyl’s friend, Kim Horwood, and Dr Sarah Taylor form SES.

Ubuntu is a Nguni Bantu term meaning “humanity.” It is based on the principle: “I am because we are”.

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