Our Smart Drinking Initiatives

We are working across various sectors to disrupt the harmful use of alcohol and our focus areas are:

Marketing to Change Social Norms

We are committed to investing in dedicated social marketing campaigns to influence social norms and individual behaviours to reduce the harmful use of alcohol. Through our social marketing campaigns, we are ensuring that all our brands drive a purpose and that purpose is to promote behaviour change towards enhanced responsible alcohol consumption.

Partnering for community impact

We are forging partnerships with the Government, NGOs and Civil Society Organizations to attain our first Smart Drinking Goal which is to reduce the harmful use of alcohol. The interventions within the goal focus on addressing drinking and driving, underage drinking, binge drinking, or other issues that impact our local landscape.

Enforcement & Bar Owner Compliance

School Road Safety Initiative

Mentorship & Recreation for Harm Reduction

Mtendere Clinic Alcohol Health Champions 2022

Voluntary labelling for all products