Zambian Breweries has introduced e-commerce to its distribution channels to encourage customers to enjoy responsibly at home amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It’s not something that we have been doing a lot in the past; we just started. Together with our partners, we’re trying to encourage people that if you don’t want to go out, but you still want to have our products at home, you can place your order online,” said Zambian Breweries Country Director Jose Moran.

The country’s largest brewing company partnered with Tigmoo and AfriDelivery to deliver its products to the doorsteps of its customers.

“You can still enjoy our brands; you can still have fun; but please do it at home and by yourself. You don’t need to go out.”

Jose Moran

Mr Moran noted that the Zambian Breweries e-commerce distribution channel was still in infancy but hoped it would soon grow to greater heights with time.

“So far, we have not gotten great volumes through our e-commerce distribution line, but it is the future delivery system for our industry,” he said.

Mr Moran observed that customers were slowly adapting to the new normal and embracing home delivery of alcohol products.

“The consumer is adapting during this pandemic; the consumer has changed from going out and having a drink to enjoying more responsibly at home,” he noted.

The Zambian Breweries country director disclosed this during a recent Anakazi Online Conversations by Stanbic Bank Zambia.

And Stanbic Head of Corporate and Investment Banking Helen Lubamba was happy that the brewing industry joined the banking sector in digital transformation.

Ms Lubamba said consumer behaviour was already changing in various sectors, stressing that Stanbic’s digital banking was already making positive strides during the pandemic.

“If I look at the banking industry, we’ve had digital products for quite a while, but now we’re actually seeing that take-up, where we are seeing fewer and fewer clients coming in with manual instructions because now they’re been encouraged to use the electronic platform,” she explained.

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  • A good move in the right direction!

    Masautso Sakala 13.05.2021

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