ZB unveils #Responsibletogether Campaign

//ZB unveils #Responsibletogether Campaign

Zambian Breweries has launched a vigorous awareness campaign against irresponsible alcohol consumption, following the rise in negative beer-related incidents in Zambia.

The campaign, dubbed #ResponsibleTogether, will tackle binge drinking, underage drinking, illicit alcohol, drinking and driving, and gender-based violence, and was kicked-off last week with the company signing a memorandum of understanding with Lusaka City Council.

Celebrities including Slapdee, Salma Sky, Bobby East, Wezi Heart Sound, El Mukuka, and Sebastien Dutch have also endorsed the campaign by taking a Smart Drinking pledge.

ZB Country Director Jose Moran launched the awareness campaign in his message to commemorate this year’s Global Beer Responsible Day (GBRD) on September 18.

“As Zambian Breweries, we dream big! Therefore, on this special day, we officially launch our vigorous awareness campaign on smart drinking, or simply put, responsible alcohol consumption,” Mr Moran announced.

He explained that the campaign, which would run until the end of 2020, sought to sensitise beer-lovers on making smart drinking choices.

“The #ResponsibleTogether campaign aims to build awareness among consumers on smart drinking choices and promote evidence-based understanding of the benefits of these choices,” he said.

Mr Moran noted that the campaign would highlight the dangers of alcohol abuse and inspire action towards responsible alcohol consumption.

“For us, responsible alcohol consumption means drinking in moderation and not letting alcohol run your life or your relationships,” he explained.

Mr Moran urged beer-lovers to avoid drinking and driving in order to arrive safe and sound.

“You can drink, but please don’t drive; find someone sober to drive you instead,” he said.

The Zambian Breweries country director also called for an end to alcohol-related gender-based violence and underage drinking.

“You can drink, but please don’t beat your spouse; gender-based violence is a crime. You can drink, but please don’t give your child; under 18 drinking is prohibited by law,” he stressed.

GBRD was launched in 2015 by AB InBev, the parent company of Zambian Breweries, to sensitise the global community on the significance of responsible alcohol consumption.

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