How can I buy shares in ZB?

As Zambian Breweries, we are a company of owners and we are glad that you would want to be part of us. Kindly visit your stockbroker for detailed information on how to buy shares from Zambian Breweries. #SuperThunderous

How can I sell cassava to ZB?

Zambian Breweries with its partner GroAfrica purchases cassava from small scale farmers. To enquire, kindly call +260-967-002-622. #SuperThunderous

How can I sell maize to ZB?

Call us for details

How can I sell barley to ZB?

Call us for details

What is Manja Pamodzi?

Manja Pamodzi is a community-based waste incentivisation project co-funded by Zambian Breweries, Millennium Challenge Account Zambia and supported by the Lusaka City Council and the Zambia Environmental Management Agency. We collect recyclable material and supply it to recyclers or processors. The project empowers collectors and aggregators who are members of the community. For more information, call +260-971-268-850.