Our Smart Drinking Initiatives

Changing behavior through Social Norms

Social Marketing Campaigns

Alongside the implementation of our Responsible Marketing and Communication Code Policy, we are investing in the evolution of dedicated Marketing and PR campaigns to enhance messaging on the responsible consumption of alcohol, driving the consumer to be our most important Smart Drinking Champion.

Mentorship Programme

In October, 2018 we launched a youth program sensitizing against Underage and Binge Drinking and encouraging Leadership thought process. The program partners with various organisations and social influencers.

Road Safety & City Pilots

We collaborate with and sponsor Road Safety Awareness Programs with the Road Traffic and Safety Agency for reduced harm and incidents caused by Drink Driving. Initiatives such as Ride Share and the Thunder Bus during our Festivals as well as Breatherlysers Sponsorship are part of harm reduction agenda.

Recreation/Skills for Harm Reduction

Sports & Entertainment are some of the avenues in which behaviour change can be implemented. We implement initiatives that draw on the positive social interactions of young people in order to deter them from negative vices.

Chibolya Media Farm: Youth Empowerment and Mentorship through development of media skills (Collaborative partnership with Every Moment Connections)

Rehabilitation of the Bauleni Sports Centre: Youth Empowerment and Mentorship through the advancement of a local recreational facility alongside coaching and leadership through process (Collaborative partnership with Bauleni United Sports Academy & Drug Enforcement Commission)

Illicit Alcohol Awareness

Every few years we conduct a research on the role of alcohol in the economic landscape of Zambia and Southern Africa at large – A collaboration with Euromonitor and ABInBev Africa Head Office and Illicit Alcohol continues to be identified as a significant source of revenue loss for the country. We continue to promote awareness through information sharing and collaborative partnerships with;

a) City Councils

b) Zambia Revenue Authority

c) Ministry of Health

d) Ministry of Commerce, Trade & Industry

e) Ministry of Finance

f) Trade Associations