Zambian Breweries

Zambia’s largest brewer, Zambian Breweries, has called on beer-lovers to heed government guidelines amid the resurgence of COVID-19 cases.

Zambian Breweries Country Director Jose Moran said the escalation of COVID-19 cases calls for all Zambians to use caution and follow all the health guidelines issued by the government, and in particular to continue following the responsible drinking guidelines that encourage moderation and drinking from home.

“Again, if you want to drink, do it from the comfort of your home,” urged Mr Moran.

“The current situation should be worrying to all Zambians; it calls on us to act fast and be cautious. Just like we all did last year. Let us all get into the new year with vigilance by adhering to the government’s health directives,” he said.

Mr Moran further commended the Bars and Nightclub Owners Association of Zambia (BANCOAZ) for working with Lusaka City Council to avert the escalating numbers of COVID-19 cases.

“In times like this, working together towards a common goal is key,” he emphasised.

The Country Director said Zambian Breweries acknowledges the difficulty that comes with following the directive, and that the brewer will support the BANCOAZ just as it did last year.

“Zambian Breweries will support bars and nightclub owners during this ordeal. We acknowledge how your responsible stance carries with it a financial burden, but as the largest brewer, we will stand together with our partners and communities in these trying times.”

He further called on members of the public to assist the brewer in the continual production of their favourite beer brands by returning their beer bottles to their nearest depots.

Mr Moran said the brewer is closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation in the country and that it will work with authorities in mitigating the spread of the second wave of the virus.

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