Zambian Breweries has donated engineering equipment to Zambia ICT College in Ndola to help develop engineers to meet industry requirements and capabilities as technology changes.

Zambian Breweries assisted with engineering equipment, including three-phase electrical motors and drives, to train students practically for modern industry.

Zambia ICT College Executive Director Betty Bweupe thanked Zambian Breweries for responding quickly to their request, and advised industry stakeholders in the ICT and engineering sectors to emulate the brewing company and support capacity building.

“It is a momentous day for us here at Zambia ICT College that Zambian Breweries is able to rise to the occasion to be partners in the training of our citizens and students. When you do so, you are not only helping the institution, but you are helping develop Zambia,” said Mrs. Bweupe.

“This donation could not have come at a better time such as this one. As you know COVID-19 has disturbed the operations of many institutions, not only locally but globally,” she said. “Therefore, to see Zambian Breweries donating to Zambia ICT College sends a very strong signal that you have confidence in this institution and our training programmes. Your donation of this electrical equipment means you are directly contributing to the training of our students by giving us this technical support,” she told the delegation.

“The electrical equipment will help us build capacity for much-needed practical training. You have the latest technologies that are on the market and therefore you are able to signal to the training institution on the updated skill requirements,” she added.

Zambian Breweries Maintenance Manager Lubinga Bonaventure, on behalf of Ndola Plant Manager Darryl Denton, delivered the equipment to the college.

Mr Bonaventure said: “We as Zambian Breweries are happy to donate this equipment and assist the school. We called on our engineering department to check the technological equipment and parts we could assist with.”

“We are benefiting a lot from this institution and we would like to see more growth in the industry, hence our donation of the electrical equipment.”

“We want to develop our relationship with Zambia ICT College further in re-engineering of our local equipment and research to improve the productivity and calibre of graduating students.”

And Joseph Kampamba, a student at Zambia ICT College and employee at Zambian Breweries as an Instrumentation Technician, said: “This donation will go a long way, especially to the students who are not exposed to new technologies in the industry. From this equipment students will be able to learn and develop from this kind of new technology being used by the industry.”

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