Environmentally conscious beer drinkers and savvy entrepreneurs can turn empty beer bottles into hard cash with a new Chinja Botolo campaign launched by Zambian Breweries.

A full crate of empty bottles will earn K39, while a single 375/330 ml bottle will net an instant K1 cash under the scheme to encourage consumers to exchange returnable bottles and crates for cash.

The COVID-19 drink-at-home message has left the brewery short of recyclable bottles, which are vital to keep the supply chain going. The situation has been exacerbated by the partial reopening of bars, which has resulted in beer-lovers leaving empty bottles at home.

One of the benefits of depositing bottles and crates is recycling which is important for resource efficiency and keeping the environment clean.

“If you are keeping some bottles in your home, storeroom or garage, please take them to your nearest distribution point and exchange them for cash,” said Zambian Breweries Corporate Affairs Director Ezekiel Sekele.

“We urge members of the public to return glass bottles of our products to encourage recycling. This process of returning bottles is very important in protecting our environment and business,” emphasised Mr Sekele.

Consumers are advised to ensure the returnable bottles are clean and without wax or mud. The bottles must be local and returnable bottles.

Empties will not be accepted ,at the collection point, that have chipped necks, are cracked, or are not for Zambian Breweries products.

How does the deposit return scheme work?

Consumers should return glass bottles and crates intact and empty of contents to their closest bottle collection point and they will receive after deposit from K1 per 375/330 ml bottle, K2 per 750/660 ml bottle, K15 per empty crate and K39 for a full crate with empty bottles.

The returned used bottles and crates are put back into the production packaging cycle where they are rinsed, cleaned and sterilised. As the bottles and crates are being reused, there is minimal environmental impact.

Where to deposit? Collection Points

Consumers can take the empty bottles and crates to the following collection sites near them:

Distributor NameDistrictArea
Red SeaLusakaChawama
Erizam Company LtdLusakaGarden House/along Mumbwa Road
TulaniLivingstoneTown Centre – Mike’s car wash
Red SeaLivingstoneIndustrial Area
jemuceci enterprises LtdLusakaKaunda Square Stage 2
Valmos EnterprisesLusakaChelston – Palm rive
Red SeaChipataAlong Kawalala Road
Red SeaPetaukePetauke town
Kalayim Investment LtdLusakaLilayi Road
Kanyicha Distributors MDCLusakaChris Corner – Chilenje
Red SeaLusakaBuseko
Master KentLusakaGeorge Compound
Overport – eerLusakaGarden
SconnerNdolaTown Centre
Scooner ChifubuNdolaChifubu
Hard KNdolaMasala
AtheneonKitweIndustrial Area
AtheneonChingolaKitwe Road
AtheneonChililabombweSecond Class

One thing is for sure, the more crates and bottles that get recycled, the less will end up on the streets or dumpsite.

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